Win Cash from trivia

Have fun and win cash at the same time. Play trivia and try to be the best for a share of the prize pool. We play it as a family and have a blast.

TRIVIA (smart phone apps)


Trivia game with at least 3 shows daily (5 on the weekends). This trivia show starts paying you after 5 questions. Allows you to earn small amounts along the way even if you get an answer incorrect. I’ve reached the $10 payout once and was paid within about a week. Payments are made directly to Paypal. Click the Cash Show link above to join and Good Luck!


Another trivia game. This game has about 1 million or more users each game. There are typically 2 games per day and one BIG game on Sundays. They have given as much as $300,000 away in one show although typical games are $5,000 each. You must answer all twelve questions to receive a share of that money. This one is a little more challenging and I have yet to get all twelve correct. Good luck and please use my code “muncierebel” if you sign up so that you and I both get an extra life to use.


This is a trivia game that is part of BuzzFeed. The first season has ended as of the timing of this post but should return for another season soon. Sign up by clicking the link above and please use my referral code of 09393237 for an extra life. This one still requires you to answer all twelve correctly but I’ve done it several times and cashed out for over $19 before the season was complete.

If there are any additional trivia games, let me know, I’d love to try them out.

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